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Self storage

At The Storage Facility we offer secure self storage solutions using new 10ft and 20ft shipping containers that have been specifically modified for proper ventilation. This ensures the ideal storage conditions for your goods.

Convenient, Secure and Local

Why Self Storage

  • Free up valuable space in your home or office
  • Access your belongings whenever you need them
  • Enjoy peace of mind with secure facilities

Frequently asked questions

Can I access my belongings without notice?

Yes, absolutely. You’ll be given a personal access code so you can access the site when and however often you need to.

Can other people see what I am storing?

No, your storage unit has solid sides/ends/doors and you have exclusive access. Unlike some storage facilities that use cages and shared access we use 20ft modified shipping containers so your rented space is not only secure but also private.

How far do I need to carry my belongings from my car/van to my storage unit?

You can reverse right up to your unit doors saving you time and strength!

Can I insure my belongings whilst they are in storage?

Yes, we can refer you to an insurance company that is familiar with our site and who can offer insurance. Unlike some storage sites we don’t try to sell you insurance so you are free to get competitive quotes from a range of providers.

Do you keep a key to my unit?

No, we encourage you to purchase and use your own padlock so we don’t have a key. We can provide a list of recommended padlock models that will work with our ‘Lockbox’ locks (a protective lock mechanism that offers a higher level of security than exposed locks that many storage providers use).